A downloadable Hentai Visual Novel for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

This is a Free Demo version. It's contains a full NSFW Scene.

FULL GAME >>> https://tigerpulp.itch.io/two-slices-of-love <<<

Two Slices of Love DEMO

The player can decide whether to commit infidelity or not.

Prove your loyalty! Live with your hot girlfriend and her cute little sister. 

Twist this fun story all you want by jumping from one path to another. Solve their growing rivalry as you discover their deepest desires. Or try a Slice of Love of every taste.

One night you get a call, your hot girlfriend has just decided to move into your apartment. That sounds great! But she's not coming alone, her younger sister is coming with her.

Now you have the chance to live with not just one beautiful girl, but two!

But not everything is going to be so simple. Sister rivalry is growing day by day and you have no idea why. Each of the girls keeps her own secrets.

As their advances become more aggressive and their desires more uncontrollable, it's up to you to restore peace to your home, control your feelings and order pizza for dinner.

Fall in love twice!

In this fun visual novel you don't have to stick to a single route, you can choose at any time with which of the girls you are going to spend your time and get different results.

Deepen your relationship with each girl and discover her deepest desires.

Test if you can resist the temptations or let yourself be dragged by them.

Find your favorite flavor or try a slice of each.

  • High quality anime-style artwork
  • 8+ Fully uncensored 18+ CGs
  • Interchangeable routes to create your own story
  • Unlockable CG Gallery and Replay to view erotic scenes and character sprites
  • Wardrobe to dress Waifus with Alternatives Costumes to unlock
  • Multiple endings plus one Secret Special CG
  • In game archivements and statistics

FULL GAME >>> https://tigerpulp.itch.io/two-slices-of-love <<<

Install instructions

1. Unzip

2. Run twoslicesoflove_DEMO.exe

3. Enjoy!


twoslicesoflove_DEMO-1.0.3-pc.zip 66 MB
twoslicesoflove_DEMO-1.0.3-mac.zip 31 MB
twoslicesoflove_DEMO-1.0.3-ANDROID.apk 47 MB

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This is way too short of a demo